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about our settlement

Life on the Hornbach

Since the beginning of 2021, the new settlement on Hornbach has been gradually moved into. The 127 apartments and commercial premises were built by the city of Zurich. In the run-up to the building loan and during the construction phase, there was a lot of controversial discussion about our settlement. Conservative rejection of "cheap apartments in Seefeld" met with great demand from young families and low-income earners.

We are happy to be able to live here. 70 family apartments, some elderly and singles, large apartments for seniors' shared flats and a group of people with disabilities, as well as a cultural café and commercial premises are almost all occupied. The exchange between the residents and those who do not participate often is made possible by our association.  Here are a few impressions - and as a resident few arguments to become a member. 



The HEIMAT (Heimatstrasse) with nice neighbors is right next to us. Although we are a big yellow block, we like to integrate ourselves into the quarter and the little chat about 'd Gass with all of our neighbors.  

The wide green stripe inbetween from next year on will be used for gardening together and should offer residents, neighbors and children a consciously experienced environment.  May be we can build a green bridge here? 

Living by the lake and stream

Yes, it is a privilege to be able to live directly on Lake Zurich. When the apartments were allocated, party affiliation or personal relationships did not play a role. It was raffled and special needs such as those of people with disabilities or other needs were taken into account. By the way, many of our residents are teachers, work in the Quartierhof Weinegg or in non-profit organizations. Members of the district association also live here and are committed to the Zurich district 8008.



As with any larger settlement, there is a great opportunity, while moving in at the same time to get to know each
other well. The many children do their part.

Our common room was right from the start
animated by a team - the ResiBar Group. The exclusive
use for our residents allows for many activities. For gastronomic purposes, the WHIS Kulturcafe will open shortly on the other corner across the street.

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