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Gardening together

The real estate management of the city of Zurich provides the Hornbachsiedlung with 4 garden plots, each approx. 6m x 12m, for community promotion of the neighbourhood. These are to be managed by a working group within the Hornbachsiedlung association.


Predetermined framework conditions are:

  • Community use of the garden plots by residents and members of the Hornbachsiedlung association.

  • Native, non-invasive plants are planted/used.

  • The garden plots are cultivated in a way that protects insects and uses the land in an environmentally friendly manner.


If you are interested in actively participating in the garden group, please register here:
I want to join


If you would like to garden together, but do not want to join the garden group, you can also register here. We will inform you when it finally starts!:   interest in gardening

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