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Cafe & Cluster Apartments

Wohnheime im Seefeld operates a cluster apartment/flat share for people with disabilities as well as a studio and from the end of 2023 a culture cafe in our settlement. Here is some information about these friendly neighbors.

Living, working and integration - self-determined

WHIS - that stands for dormitories in Seefeld. The non-profit, politically and denominationally neutral association operates 4 locations with living and working places for cognitively impaired, young, older or disabled and multiply disabled residents and clients. Since they are our neighbors in Hornbachsiedlung as tenants of a large cluster apartment on Bellerivestrasse as well as a studio and the future culture cafe, it is worth learning a little more about their work and the planning for our settlement.

First to the 4 locations - all in the Seefeld district:  After various conversions to increase the quality of living, the Kreuzstrasse dormitory has 24 places for people with cognitive impairments.
Since 1997, the Ottenweg dormitory, which has been expanded to be wheelchair accessible, has offered a home to 16 older, cognitively impaired people with an increased need for care and nursing.
In 2010, a new building with 18 residential places for people with cognitive and multiple impairments was opened at Mainaustrasse 58. In the same year, the sponsoring association was renamed “Verein Wohnheime im Seefeld” (WHIS). On September 1, 2021, the Hornbach location was opened in our housing estate.


What's going on in our settlement now? The large cluster apartment at Bellerivestrasse 143 offers 11 shared rooms on 3 floors with communal areas and kitchens for shared use.

The classification of who can live here is based on the need for care IBB. Some clients also learn the way to self-employment here – at a kind of intermediate station in order to become self-sufficient.


2 co-leaders, Norina Binkert and Andrew Whiteside, take care of organization, support and daily structure. Other services – some of which involve exchanging staff with the other locations – take on night-time readiness. Up to 8 employees are working in total.


The selected care model will have to be adapted in the near future. As part of the change that has already been decided in the canton from object financing for such facilities to subject financing - the person concerned receives an individual budget from which he can put together housing, care, transport etc. according to his needs - the range of services offered by WHIS is changing.


On the corner of Hornbachstrasse and Bellerivestrasse you can see the currently unused rooms of the future WHIS culture café. It is still in the shell and will be expanded by WHIS itself.

Bildschirmfoto 2023-05-08 um 11.00.09.png

The café is intended to serve different purposes. On the one hand as a café with a gastronomic offer. At the same time, this offers jobs for the clients of WHIS. Food and beverages, refreshments for a walk-in audience and al fresco dining in front of the cafe will be provided. In unscheduled times, the whole cafe can also be rented out.


In addition, the room is also to be used for cultural events such as readings, music and exhibitions - also in coordination and cooperation with the Hornbachsiedlung association, which operates the common room opposite. Depending on the occupancy, events, shared meals or culture can be exchanged or supplemented between the settlement, the common room and the culture café.


According to the ideas of WHIS, close cooperation with GZ Riesbach should also be sought. And it is conceivable that ice cream from the neighborhood will be sold in the café or that cargo bikes from the Kultur Café am See will be on the road with mobile campaigns.

More information: Wohnheime im Seefeld

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