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Neighbors in the Hornbach
politically committed to 8008 

Candidates for the municipal council election 2022 on February 13, 2022


Paolo Tonti

graphic designer

I am running because it is decided today in which Zurich we will live tomorrow.

And today's issues that need to be addressed are, for example, a housing policy that offers affordable housing for everyone, even in old age.

Or the increasing digitization of public city services, which excludes many people - especially the older generation.

Or a greener, more livable city, or...


The challenges are diverse and joint solutions are still rare. I would like to work on good solutions and am committed to them.


Simone Feuerstein


Together we move our Zurich!


With conviction, I am committed to more "equal opportunities" in all areas of our civil society and the concrete expansion of the existing freedom from barriers in our city, as well as more affordable housing and current and sustainable framework conditions in the area of social security, so that

Zurich can be a livable, diverse city for all, which offers its population opportunities for participation and co-design.

Thank you for your vote and your trust!


Tobias von Siebenthal

Managing Director

Together with you I want to do politics!
With an open door for all concerns. First and foremost, I represent the interests of our Hornbach settlement and the immediate neighborhood - regardless of party affiliation or political inclination. Our neighborhood thrives on the exchange of our own diverse life stories.
If you want to have a direct line to politics at your neighbor's door: Support me on February 13 with 2x of your votes!


Matthes Schaller


I am non-partisan - focused on the neighborhood. No overall solutions, as proposed by the parties, but solutions for the circle 7 + 8.

Our neighborhood is a microcosm and has different needs than other neighborhoods. I am committed to finding solutions for Kreis 7 and 8 together with the residents and tradespeople. This work takes place not only in a political context, but also in actions together with other associations and neighbors.

One of these topics: Less creeping traffic in the neighborhood through new blue zone regulation - parking spaces from 18:00 only for residents.

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